Lior Matian

Supportive Health Group

Duration: 58 seconds
My name is Lior Matian. I'm the CEO of Supportive Health Group.

My name is PJ Nassi. I'm the President of Supportive Health Group, and we bank with Partners Bank of California.

At Supportive Health Group, we provide Southern California patients with hospice services, home health, and palliative care services.

When we take care of patients, the care is like family for us, and that's how we've been building our company.

Working with Partners Bank has been fantastic. Our client advisor Tom has been amazing.

They're very accessible and available. They are literally one phone call away.

To have that type of relationship with a banker that I feel the trust and the relationship is a blessing.

We are looking forward to becoming a nationwide organization with the help of Tom and Partners Bank.