Encrypted & Secure Email​

At Partners Bank, we're always concerned about your financial safety and security. Preserving the confidentiality of your personal financial information is of the utmost importance. When exchanging confidential information via email, an encrypted or secure email service should be used. Partners Bank of California utilizes Cisco Registered Envelope Service (CRES) secure email, and makes this available free of charge to our clients. The CRES service uses state-of-the-art encryption and security technology, so you can be assured that your email will be sent and received securely. Once a user is registered on the CRES system, secure emails with confidential information can be exchanged quickly and efficiently between yourself and your Partners Bank representative.

New Users

If you are a new user on the CRES secure email system and would like to send and receive secure emails, you will need to first register on the CRES system. To do this, simply contact a Partners Bank of California representative and request that they send you a secure email message. Once you receive that secure email from us, it will contain links and prompts for you to register for the CRES service. Be sure to securely keep or remember your user password that you establish when registering for the CRES system. After you're registered on CRES, you can quickly and efficiently exchange secure email and attachments with us.

First Time Registration
Step 1: Contact a bank representative to initiate a secure email to you with registration link if you have not previously registered to use CRES.

Step 2: Follow the prompts in the secure email to complete registration with your email address, and select a password that is complex but that you will remember in the future.