What it Means
to Be a Partner

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Founded in 2007, Partners Bank of California is positioned with stability, capital, strength and experience to help Southern California individuals and business reach their financial goals with a wide array of personal and business banking solutions and expertise. Partners Bank of California…
passionate about your success!

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Value Statement

It all begins with the recruitment and development of the most talented people in the industry; people who thrive on innovation, which create an atmosphere of pure excitement, with a passion to connect with success. We are bold (but never boastful) striving for excellence each day and taking steps to ensure the client experience is second to none. Honest communication is the norm. We challenge the status quo and uphold ourselves, and our vendor partners to the highest level of accountability. We are results oriented, and the results speak for themselves — we work more efficiently, eliminating unnecessary costs to increase profitability for shareholders and clients alike.

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We will work together, combining our passion, knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver superior banking services that business leaders want. We will operate safely and profitably, emphasizing strong client relationships, shareholder value and a high level of service to the community – while providing an organizational culture which attracts, empowers, rewards and offers growth opportunities for all our employees.


We succeed when our employees, clients and shareholders succeed. It begins with building and nurturing long-term relationships. We are committed to the promise of partnering with every client. We offer clients and shareholders direct access to decision makers, and will always strive to deliver the finest personalized service attainable in the industry.


" I can't even imagine banking with anyone other than Partners. "

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Kara Poovey, Manager, Sourcing Solutions

What it Means to be
a Partner

Acting on and prioritizing our clients’ needs is the keystone of our philosophy and approach to business at Partners Bank. It is a way of doing business that we believe is essential for mutual success. You’ll find that our concierge-style of professional banking delivers on that ideal with financial solutions and services that put you first. By working together, we can help you build your vision and your future. We understand that we are not in the banking business – we are in the people business. It is that belief that makes all the difference.

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