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We’re specialists just like you. Medical physicians and doctors count on us every day to provide customized banking and lending solutions, tailored to the unique and specialized needs of medical professionals. As experts in physicians’ and medical practice banking and lending, our team of banking professionals will provide quick evaluations, recommendations and funding.

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    All loans subject to credit approval and customary commercial due diligence by Partners Bank of California. All prospective depositors and/or borrowers must be of legal age to apply for a loan or deposit account. We do not use this website to collect or use any personal information from persons we know to be under the age of majority and will remove personally identifying information about such minors from our system.Please do not send confidential or sensitive information via this form. If you need to communicate any type of confidential or sensitive information such as content that includes tax identification numbers, account numbers, financial data, etc., please use our secure email service.

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    We’ll customize and tailor a loan to fit your lending needs, and we will help guide you through every step of the loan process.

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    Physician Banking Services

    Physician Practice Buy-in Loans

    Put our expertise and experience to work on creating the ideal lending solution, making it possible to buy-in to your medical practice. Our team of banking professionals specializes in creating loans structured to add long-term value
    and mutual benefit to the individual physician and their practice.

    • Pre-approvals and planned lending structure
    • Quick access to the capital you need
    • High long-term value for time in practice
    • Easier practice growth
    • Enhanced physician recruitment
    • Easier debt management for physician

    Commercial Real Estate Loans for Physicians

    Commercial real estate is one of the best forms of investment for physicians today. From helping you and your practice acquire the perfect medical building to personal investments in multifamily projects, we will be with you every step of the way with a loan created specifically for your needs as a physician.

    • Diversify assets and investments
    • Generate revenue
    • Flexible terms and competitive rates
    • Owner-occupied or investment

    Physician Business Loans

    We specialize in helping physicians to diversify and invest, because we have a unique level of experience and understanding of our physician-client’s business model and needs.

    A Physician’s Business Loan from Partners Bank of California is a term loan or line of credit for an individual physician, that can make a buy-in to an equity position in future investments a reality today.

    • Pre-approvals
    • Term loans and lines of credit
    • Flexible terms and collateralization
    • Provides opportunity for diversification and investment

    Physician Business Banking

    Partners Bank has an unparalleled level of experience in providing highly specialized deposit and treasury management solutions, structured
    specifically for the often unique business banking needs and demands of physicians and medical groups.

    • Medical group funds and cash management
    • Payment management
    • Comprehensive business checking solutions
    • Treasury Management suite
    • Online and mobile banking

    Subject to credit approval and customary due diligence by Partners Bank of California. All loans must be for business use. Individual borrowers must be practicing, Board-certified medical physicians in the State of California.

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