David Hanna

Hanna's Restaurant & Bar

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My name is David Hanna.
I am the owner of Hanna's Restaurant & Bar, located in Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County.

Hanna's is a prime steakhouse. We believe in sourcing the finest ingredients: sustainable, organic, free range, biodynamic.
We have a fantastic wine list and most importantly, we believe in changing lives and making a meaningful, positive difference in our community.

As a Mission Hospital Foundation member, Dr. Bredenkamp introduced me to Partners Bank and I immediately discovered their concierge, proactive service.

Working with Janine is similar to working with a family member. She has been incredibly responsive, caring, empathetic. She has delivered every time I've needed something, and I just value my relationship with Partners and Janine.

At Hanna's, I'm excited for the future, and working with Partners Bank, I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish.