Dr. James Bredenkamp

Head & Neck Associates of Orange County

Duration: 1 minute 20 seconds

I'm Jim Bredenkamp, I'm with Head & Neck Associates of Orange County.

We're a single-specialty ENT Head and Neck surgical group, been established here for over 32 years and cover most of Orange County.

Partners Bank has been very helpful in getting us buy-in loans from our junior partners.

Junior partners are in a unique situation where they're doing well and maybe having a good income, but because of their training, they don't have a lot of capital behind them.

Looking at the strength of the medical group, Partners has developed products to help our young partners become new partners.

In addition, with the real estate, they've helped us in terms of maneuvering through the complexities of Stark laws and all the government regulations that dictate how doctors must interact with hospitals, and Partners is willing to sit down and develop projects and develop those loans.

As a medical group, Partners Bank of California has been a true advisor for us, as well as a true partner.