Paul Proulx

President & CEO,
Pallmar and Company

Duration: 1 minute

My name is Paul Proulx. I am the President and CEO of Pallmar and Company, and we bank with Partners Bank of California.

So Pallmar and Company is a commercial doorframe and hardware distributor working in Southern California. We do work in hotels, commercial buildings, all kinds of industrial–pretty much anything where there's a door, we do it.

With Partners Bank, we've been with them almost four years now, so they're super supportive; helpful with all our accounting needs.

I've known Kurt for over 20 years now. I have his cell number–I have a problem I can call him anytime. Here's there for us.

I think for Pallmar our growth potential is big. We can do some building purchases; some equipment purchases. The growth potential is there.

And I think with Partners Bank as our ally and our associate, we have lots of potential for growth, and looking forward to our future together.